The Flabby Moose

So there I was, out on an awesome run in this incredible Florida fall weather when I passed someone and heard, “something something something (I couldn’t understand it) ya flabby moose.”

I stopped. Paused. Turned around. Turned back around. Processed. Turned around again with my jaw open. Turned back around. Processed.

Now, you’re probably going through the vast array of emotions that I went through when I heard it. “Ya flabby moose?!?!” My first reaction was to lose my ever-loving-mind on ’em! I mean, the nerve! But the words that came to me were, “Have you ever set out to reach a goal or worked on yourself only to have someone tear you apart with their words??? Who do YOUUUUU think you are?”

I don’t know them. So they don’t know about the 14 lb weight gain last year. The premature ovarian failure, the infertility, the thyroid issues I’m trying to sort through, the autoimmune stuff, the Reese cups today…they don’t know any of that!!! Who are THEY to talk to ME like that?! I deserve more than that!

But then I felt this gentle nudge almost whispering to me that it’s not about me. What’s going on within THEM??? So then I asked, “How can I pray for you today?” THAT thought can ONLY come from God because those emotions that the “flabby moose” brought up were not!!!!

That’s the truth of it all though, it’s not about us. It’s about loving God, and loving others well. Doing life together even when there’s such hurtful things stirring in someone’s heart for them to say something so awful to someone else. Loving them through that.


We’re all hurting y’all and words have meaning!

THEN, a harsh reality hit me… the person I passed wasn’t saying a single word to me. I was speaking to myself. I caught myself saying, “ya flabby moose” to MYSELF?! I wasn’t saying it out loud lol (I’m not THAT crazy!) but I wasn’t even aware I was thinking it until that moment!



Does it put your heart to rest knowing it was just me speaking such hate to myself or does stir your heart to look within to the words that you speak to yourself???

Because words have meaning and we spend WAY too much time speaking to ourselves in such a way that we’d NEVER speak to another person. It’s about loving God and loving others well. We’re called to, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” If we can’t love ourselves how can we love another person the way God has called us to? And even one step past that, how can we even love ourselves or another person if we don’t love the Lord with all our heart?!


I didn’t realize I was body shaming myself until I was thinking of asking the person of how I can pray for them and it made me realize that I spend a lot of time praying for other people and not a lot of time praying for my own heart. I need to do more of that 😉

Who knew running could be so powerful??? Only every other runner-lover out there! But for reals y’all, take the time to wrestle with the things going on within your own heart. God wants a relationship with you and part of sorting through stuff for me is going to Him with it. He’s the master listener, healer, and comforter! If you need a listening ear, I encourage ya to go to HIM first and feel free to reach out to me second. I’d be honored to pray for you through it!
<and just to clear the air, I didn’t have an audible conversation with anyone during this run hahaha but man did I give myself an earful!>

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Vacation Mindset

Y’all, I just got back from an earned trip through Beachbody to PUNTA CANA!!! Say whaaaaa?!?!?! It was pretty amazing to bring Shawn with me especially since it’s a job in and of itself to get him to step away from his work. BUT, we went and we had an amazing time with some incredible people!!! I feel totally blessed that I’m able to choose the people I work with…guess that’s one of the perks to network marketing!!! #winning

I found myself stuck in the vacation mindset though when I got back. Not motivated, relaxed, getting over a sinus infection (I get sick ANYTIME I get away from my routine or my sleep schedule gets wonky)…you know the mindset, right?

Well, I wanted to share what’s been workin for me to get outta of that and into my MOJO!

  • Meal plan! I came up with a meal plan for the rest of the week so I can eat clean (especially since I wasn’t the cook for 6 days lol).
  • Exercise! 30 minutes a day…I didn’t jump right back into a program but I did walk the dogs and get outside! I also have a new game plan for upcoming group on the 22nd! If you wanna get some more info on that…fill this out!
  • Water! I’ve been making sure I’m getting in at least 90 oz of water each day! You know when you’re on vaca hydrating isn’t a top priority & I could TOTALLY feel it!
  • Sleep! I’m letting myself sleep for 8 hours a night. The past couple nights, Shawn and I have been in bed by 8:30pm, it’s gotta be some kind of record lol but we needed it!
  • POSITIVITY!!! I have been flooding my mind with scripture, personal development, and inspiring YouTube videos because getting my mind back in the right place is KEY!

Simple enough, right?! Any tips you do to get your mind back in the game that I didn’t list? Comment and lemme hear em!

While we were away, we ate one of the resort’s delicious brownies erryday…dontjudge! I don’t let myself splurge like this often but THESE were worth every bite! So, I wanted something sweet because our bodies crave what we eat, right?! So I made this egg & gluten free cookie dough that hits the spot errytime! You should TOTALLY give it a shot 🙂

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You Can

Did you know that YOU CAN:

  • Get yourself out of a rut!
  • Build yourself up with your words!
  • Rely on God’s word for motivation!
  • Put yourself in the place of highest potential!
  • Do hard things!
  • Have a bad day but still be making progress toward your goal!

I’ve learned over the past couple months that progress doesn’t mean perfection. That I was made for more than a negative self-talk cycle and that I can do hard things! And so can you. 🙂 That just because you have a bad day, doesn’t mean you need to throw in the towel…embrace that day and rest if you need to. But the following day…SHOW UP and show up in a big way! You’re too important not to!

When I realized I was letting myself get in my own way, I wrote out positive affirmations on sticky notes to combat how I was talking to myself. I taped em all together & lined my mirror with them. Reading them is now a part of my daily routine. I HIGHLY recommend doing this!!!

Since my last post, I finished Hammer & Chisel and then rolled right into Core de Force (the new MMA inspired workout). Here’s my Hammer & Chisel transformation! You’ll wanna see the change in my legs!!!

I’m currently in my second round of Core de Force and I LOVE the workouts! Who knew punching & kicking the air could be so empowering? It is though!!! Here’s a video preview of what you can expect with the workouts:

Some of my favorite recipes that I’ve made have been the Crock Pot Reuben Soup, Buffalo Wings, Cabbage Roll-Ups, & Keto Buckeyes!!! As I update the recipes on here, you’ll see links attached to them. For now, check out those wings & make em this week! You won’t be disappointed!


Until next time, embrace the gift of life that you have today!


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The Details Matter!


Hey there awesome YOU!

I’m reading this book called “Fervent” while I work through the Bible study “Armor of God Study.”  Y’all will hear me talk (errrrr see me write?) about different studies & books I’m reading . If I’m not reading something, I kinda just coast. I don’t wanna coast! I wanna be better than I was yesterday!

So these two books in particular are about prayer & living  with the Armor of God in tact. They have challenged me with my casual, conversational prayer life, strengthened me by encouraging me to take a step back from life & looking at things from an outside perspective, & has helped me grow spiritually by teaching me strategic prayer by implementing prayer cards.

Scripture says to pray in the spirit at all times (Ephesians 6:18). So I did & I just assumed that God KNEW the details. Because let’s be real here, He knows ERRYTHING! But these books have helped me realize that it’s not that He NEEDS the details, but that WE NEED to share the details of life with God. The details of our marriage, work, our dreams, our fears, our stumbling blocks, our praises! By not skimming over these details, it makes them tangible, makes us aware, & gives God power & authority over them!

When I worked retail my old District Manager used to say, “retail is in the detail!” It’s one thing for a store to look good, but for a store to look GREAT it requires looking at the little things & making them better.

Well friend’s, the POWER is in the detail!!!  Stop brushing your life under a rug! The little things you’re goin through, the BIG things you’re goin through… they matter! The little God winks* you get-they really ARE confirmation that God hears you ❤️!
*Not sure what a God wink is? Reach out to me & I’ll tell ya 😉

Instead of me praying for God to give me direction with Shawn & I startin’ a family, I’ve been praying for a BURNING passion in one area! See the difference?

Speaking of difference…last week was Week 3 of Hammer & Chisel & here’s my recap:
🔹I had a plan! Here we’re my dinners:


Here’s the recipe of the Kielbasa, the stir-fry, and the almond meal pancakes! If you’d like to see the full meal plan, you can do that here!  

🔹I had my accountability system in place: group & workout partner. I wanted to skip & I did skip 2 days. DOH! But because of both of these things, I made up one day & had to tell em I skipped for the other lol. Who’s holding YOU accountable?
🔹My body needs more movement. I biked once & walked twice but with my body used to moving NON-STOP & then going to minimal moving, I need to step up my game!

The video of this workout was by far the toughest workout I did for the week! Check it out!

Keto talk: Will post something about this soon!

Thanks for doin life with me 🙂 I hope y’all have an awesome weekend!

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Choose Your Hard

Len's Wedding 251.JPG

Perspective is everything, isn’t it?! We had a weekend away with Shawn’s family celebrating his dad’s wedding and it was AWESOME! The toughest part about a vaca is coming home realizing that you have to adult again haha. I meal planned on the way home and it helped me sooooo much. You’ll have to check out the chicken stir-fry I nailed, it’s so good!

So this week I’ve been feeling like I was in a funk. Like I was outta my groove, behind schedule…blah blah blah!

It’s easy to get caught up in just how hard life is. How hard work really is. This business I have with Beachbody isn’t easy. It requires me to: Wake up early •  Show up consistently •  Push past my own limitations  •  Own up to my excuses •  Work on mindset •  Play with numbers sometimes (& I am NOT a numbers person) •  Work on my organization (again, not a strength of mine lol) •  Be who I really am…

health bet.jpgBut you know what’s EVEN harder?

Not being comfy in my own skin • Knowing that there’s something more in me but being too afraid to go after it • Trying to be what everyone else wants me to be •  Living in a different state from my family and missing out on birthdays and first days of school •  Living in a “wishing” mindset (you know the one, I wish I had that. I wish I could do that. I wish…) •  Working nights and weekends being away from Shawn •  Having to say no to friends because I have to work •  Working for someone else •  Being told what to do • Having someone else dictate your time, your schedule…

I’m choosing my hard and I choose freedom of time, of my schedule, of my finances, and THAT, y’all, is why I’m a Beachbody Coach! Yes, I love helping people and I wanna make a ripple in this world and help women get unstuck! But I bust my booty with Beachbody because even though it’s hard, I refuse to go back to what I used to do where I wasn’t living up to my full potential, I wasn’t being challenged, I was wishing my life away and longing for more! I’m not the same girl I was a couple years ago and I wanna  make sure that I keep improving myself as I go, in Jesus name!

health-betI love this gut check that I have goin on right now because I REFUSE to let a hard day get
the best of me. I REFUSE to go back to where I was. I’m working on a new me, not because the old me is bad but I know she can be better!

I hope YOU realize that the ONLY thing standing between you and that bigger pay, or freedom of time or vacation or debt paid off or whatever it is that you’re sitting around talking about is YOU!!! I’m growing my team and we’re goin places y’all. Are you sick of HARD? Are you ready for a change? Are you ready to go ALL IN? Fill out the form and let’s chat! Let’s see if you’re a good fit! Why not?

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Hammer & Chisel, Keto, & Life Recap

Hey hey!!! Started a new program last week, hammer & chisel. Wanna give ya a recap of that & update you how the Keto living is going as well.

Before I get into that, You’ve gotta hear this. It’s raw, it’s a lot of emotion, & it’s heavy but life is all of those so I’m just gonna be real. 

In case you don’t know part of my story, I have POF & am infertile because of it. I’m at peace most days about it but today isn’t one of those days. I woke up today praying for my unborn son—what the heck? I’ve never done that! Have you ever had a friend on your mind that you can’t shake? Almost like a soft whisper, you hear their name on your heart? In those moments, I pray & I reach out. But to pray for my son? For someone I’ve never met but know so intimately. Someone I can’t reach out to.

 I’ve never had the urge to do that but HE was on my heart?! He. My unborn son. The one that’s gonna have a heart for the Lord. The one that’s gonna be a leader, walking in step with the spirit, & the one that’s gonna be a warrior. 

That BLOWS my mind y’all. I’ve never experienced anything like that!!! & as I write this I have tears just streaming. Most days I’m at peace with not having kids. BUT today, I’m longing for a son & honestly, it’s the first time I’ve ever felt that. Ever.

It’s an answered prayer though because I’ve been praying for an overwhelming passion in one area or another. Egg donor, adoption, fostering, praying for a miracle, or for us to just generously give where we are without kids. So, can you join me in praying for this too? 

I know the Lord gives us the desires of our hearts. I wanna have a burning passion for one area instead of coasting & feeling like I’m limbo. Ya feel me? 

Thank you for doing life with me! 


Okay, whew… Let’s lighten this post a bit & dive into week 1 of Hammer & Chisel. What I learned:

1) Modifcations Rock! This program is challenging but it’s better to keep good form than to try to keep up with the people on the screen & risk injury!

I modified a lot of the push-ups, split squats, & pull-ups! Oh & the planks… Fuuuuuudge, the planks!

2) Leg day & pull-up day ERRYday! I was sore everyday. I’m still sore lol & just when you think, “SURELY, tomorrow will be an upper body focus.” Nope, legs & pull-ups 😂!

3) Meal prep makes all the difference! I prepped my breakfast, snacks, & lunch on Sunday & it made my week so much easier. I didn’t open the fridge & just stare like I do when I don’t prep! 

4) Before pics & measurements stink but they’re necessary. I’m ready to take progress pics lol. I have cellulite & I’m expecting to see changes here! Here’s my before pic (one of em).

I need water. And a lot of it. I started drinking a gallon a day & I like the difference I’m seeing in my wrinkles! No, I don’t carry this jug around with me but I do pour my water from it! 

With Keto, I HAVE to have food ready or I feel like I’m lost. I’m not having any stomach issues. I have a new found love for ghee. It’s butter that’s been heated & separated, so it doesn’t have any lactose in it. But it still has the flava! 

Shawn leaned out a TON from it & I was expecting to see more of that from it. But I haven’t yet. He’s always saying, “it’s cutting season” because for HIM, it is. But for me…no cutting yet. 


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Country Heat Results

Copy of Week 1
Welp, it ALWAYS feels good to finish a program! 30 days of fitness with an
ALL IN mindset
paired with good, real food. It doesn’t get any better than that y’all! Typically
when I do a program I follow the nutrition guide plan to a T. I didn’t do that with Country Heat because I was following the ketogenic plan. I’ll still share all my results with y’all!

I chose this program in particular because I wanted something low impact. I severely sprained my ankle in March, then re-injured it in May :(. Super tough, mentally & physically. The injury paired with my hormones being all over the place. I wanted something where I would be able to still move without over doing it. Country Heat did JUST that!

What the program comes with: a nutrition guide with recipes (tasty ones too), a schedule to follow for the workouts, portion control container system, and a month’s supply of Shakeology. I have a  great video explaining the portion control container system used for multiple programs. This system is so SIMPLE! It takes a little getting used to (like anything) but honestly, I miss the containers as I’m trying to figure out this whole keto thing.

With the containers, I knew EXACTLY what size of portions to eat of different foods AND I was able to learn what the actual portion sizes LOOKED like with my eyes! We overeat y’all…amen?! lol. It’s time to take back control!  I made this meal plan for my friends that did the program with me in my accountability group. Here’s a glimpse for ya!

Country Heat Meal Plan (1)

Looks pretty simple & tasty, right? I also have the container count & grocery list for all of this. You can get that by clicking here:

What you can expect with the workouts: about 30 minutes a day, 6 days a week for 4 weeks/30 days. Starting in week 2, twice a week you do 2 workouts. Still totally doable and fun!

The workouts are dance cardio put to country music. Very simple steps but it gets your heart pumping! My average heart rate was around 145 for each workout-that’s right in the fat burning zone y’all! The workout intensity is solely based on YOU and what effort you put forth. The more I got into the  moves and full range of motion, the harder it was! The first week I didn’t go all in because I’m not a HUGE fan of dancing BUT I did laugh a lot. The second week I NEEDED a good sweat so I over exaggerated the moves, laughed, and involved my pups and I got that sweat that I was wanting.

FullSizeRender (6)I streamed my workouts online through the OnDemand feature on Beachbody’s site. I liked that I was able to do it whenever I wanted, wherever I wanted. I didn’t have to stay home if I didn’t wanna, although, all my workouts were done here lol.

For the nutrition…I followed the keto diet. This isn’t the portion controlled container system that I’m used to and love very much lol and what you see above. It’s different and involves math which I don’t like.

I was eating around 2300 calories for week’s 1 & 2. I was adapting to eating 70% fat and I didn’t want to have to worry about calories etc. I lost 2 lbs in the first week, but then gained it back in week 2. I started keeping track of just how many stinkin’ calories I was eating for weeks 3 & 4. I ended up losing a pound total.

A typical day looked like this for me:

B: Shakeo bowl/shake with almond milk, hemp seeds, coconut flakes, & chia seeds

S: Coffee with coconut milk, keto almond meal muffin with ham

L: Protein and veggie (usually leftovers)

S: 1/2 Avocado with veggie

D: Whatever I made for us that night (protein, veggie, fat)

1 lb loss and about 5 inches lost! I’ll take that as  a win!


If you think Country Heat may be something you wanna check out, I’d love to talk with you in more detail to see if it’s the right program for you. Fill out this form below and we’ll chat!


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