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Chicken Asparagus Roll-Ups

Technology REALLY is a cool thing! Sure, it’s frustrating (a lot of times) but it allows us to connect with people from miles and miles away! Love this when it comes to seeing family too, since they’re all up north! … Continue reading

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 Salisbury Meatballs  

Whenever I get busy I make the same things over and over and over again. 1) because they’re easy 2) because they’re easy and 3) because I lack inspiration sometimes! That’s when I start stalking some of my favy blogs, … Continue reading

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Crock pot Pork

I’m pretty much tackling my mindset this week. Focusing on starting erry day with a grateful heart, diving into God’s word, and flooding my mind with God’s truth so I can believe in myself! Truth is, I doubt myself…a LOT. … Continue reading

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