Hammer & Chisel, Keto, & Life Recap

Hey hey!!! Started a new program last week, hammer & chisel. Wanna give ya a recap of that & update you how the Keto living is going as well.

Before I get into that, You’ve gotta hear this. It’s raw, it’s a lot of emotion, & it’s heavy but life is all of those so I’m just gonna be real. 

In case you don’t know part of my story, I have POF & am infertile because of it. I’m at peace most days about it but today isn’t one of those days. I woke up today praying for my unborn son—what the heck? I’ve never done that! Have you ever had a friend on your mind that you can’t shake? Almost like a soft whisper, you hear their name on your heart? In those moments, I pray & I reach out. But to pray for my son? For someone I’ve never met but know so intimately. Someone I can’t reach out to.

 I’ve never had the urge to do that but HE was on my heart?! He. My unborn son. The one that’s gonna have a heart for the Lord. The one that’s gonna be a leader, walking in step with the spirit, & the one that’s gonna be a warrior. 

That BLOWS my mind y’all. I’ve never experienced anything like that!!! & as I write this I have tears just streaming. Most days I’m at peace with not having kids. BUT today, I’m longing for a son & honestly, it’s the first time I’ve ever felt that. Ever.

It’s an answered prayer though because I’ve been praying for an overwhelming passion in one area or another. Egg donor, adoption, fostering, praying for a miracle, or for us to just generously give where we are without kids. So, can you join me in praying for this too? 

I know the Lord gives us the desires of our hearts. I wanna have a burning passion for one area instead of coasting & feeling like I’m limbo. Ya feel me? 

Thank you for doing life with me! 


Okay, whew… Let’s lighten this post a bit & dive into week 1 of Hammer & Chisel. What I learned:

1) Modifcations Rock! This program is challenging but it’s better to keep good form than to try to keep up with the people on the screen & risk injury!

I modified a lot of the push-ups, split squats, & pull-ups! Oh & the planks… Fuuuuuudge, the planks!

2) Leg day & pull-up day ERRYday! I was sore everyday. I’m still sore lol & just when you think, “SURELY, tomorrow will be an upper body focus.” Nope, legs & pull-ups 😂!

3) Meal prep makes all the difference! I prepped my breakfast, snacks, & lunch on Sunday & it made my week so much easier. I didn’t open the fridge & just stare like I do when I don’t prep! 

4) Before pics & measurements stink but they’re necessary. I’m ready to take progress pics lol. I have cellulite & I’m expecting to see changes here! Here’s my before pic (one of em).

I need water. And a lot of it. I started drinking a gallon a day & I like the difference I’m seeing in my wrinkles! No, I don’t carry this jug around with me but I do pour my water from it! 

With Keto, I HAVE to have food ready or I feel like I’m lost. I’m not having any stomach issues. I have a new found love for ghee. It’s butter that’s been heated & separated, so it doesn’t have any lactose in it. But it still has the flava! 

Shawn leaned out a TON from it & I was expecting to see more of that from it. But I haven’t yet. He’s always saying, “it’s cutting season” because for HIM, it is. But for me…no cutting yet. 


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2 Responses to Hammer & Chisel, Keto, & Life Recap

  1. Lulu says:

    Wow I love this! Of course I had no idea what your struggles were, and please know that I am praying for you. You would be such an amazing mother, and I know that God had a child for you. Love your blog.


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