Choose Your Hard

Len's Wedding 251.JPG

Perspective is everything, isn’t it?! We had a weekend away with Shawn’s family celebrating his dad’s wedding and it was AWESOME! The toughest part about a vaca is coming home realizing that you have to adult again haha. I meal planned on the way home and it helped me sooooo much. You’ll have to check out the chicken stir-fry I nailed, it’s so good!

So this week I’ve been feeling like I was in a funk. Like I was outta my groove, behind schedule…blah blah blah!

It’s easy to get caught up in just how hard life is. How hard work really is. This business I have with Beachbody isn’t easy. It requires me to: Wake up early •  Show up consistently •  Push past my own limitations  •  Own up to my excuses •  Work on mindset •  Play with numbers sometimes (& I am NOT a numbers person) •  Work on my organization (again, not a strength of mine lol) •  Be who I really am…

health bet.jpgBut you know what’s EVEN harder?

Not being comfy in my own skin • Knowing that there’s something more in me but being too afraid to go after it • Trying to be what everyone else wants me to be •  Living in a different state from my family and missing out on birthdays and first days of school •  Living in a “wishing” mindset (you know the one, I wish I had that. I wish I could do that. I wish…) •  Working nights and weekends being away from Shawn •  Having to say no to friends because I have to work •  Working for someone else •  Being told what to do • Having someone else dictate your time, your schedule…

I’m choosing my hard and I choose freedom of time, of my schedule, of my finances, and THAT, y’all, is why I’m a Beachbody Coach! Yes, I love helping people and I wanna make a ripple in this world and help women get unstuck! But I bust my booty with Beachbody because even though it’s hard, I refuse to go back to what I used to do where I wasn’t living up to my full potential, I wasn’t being challenged, I was wishing my life away and longing for more! I’m not the same girl I was a couple years ago and I wanna  make sure that I keep improving myself as I go, in Jesus name!

health-betI love this gut check that I have goin on right now because I REFUSE to let a hard day get
the best of me. I REFUSE to go back to where I was. I’m working on a new me, not because the old me is bad but I know she can be better!

I hope YOU realize that the ONLY thing standing between you and that bigger pay, or freedom of time or vacation or debt paid off or whatever it is that you’re sitting around talking about is YOU!!! I’m growing my team and we’re goin places y’all. Are you sick of HARD? Are you ready for a change? Are you ready to go ALL IN? Fill out the form and let’s chat! Let’s see if you’re a good fit! Why not?

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