The Details Matter!


Hey there awesome YOU!

I’m reading this book called “Fervent” while I work through the Bible study “Armor of God Study.”  Y’all will hear me talk (errrrr see me write?) about different studies & books I’m reading . If I’m not reading something, I kinda just coast. I don’t wanna coast! I wanna be better than I was yesterday!

So these two books in particular are about prayer & living  with the Armor of God in tact. They have challenged me with my casual, conversational prayer life, strengthened me by encouraging me to take a step back from life & looking at things from an outside perspective, & has helped me grow spiritually by teaching me strategic prayer by implementing prayer cards.

Scripture says to pray in the spirit at all times (Ephesians 6:18). So I did & I just assumed that God KNEW the details. Because let’s be real here, He knows ERRYTHING! But these books have helped me realize that it’s not that He NEEDS the details, but that WE NEED to share the details of life with God. The details of our marriage, work, our dreams, our fears, our stumbling blocks, our praises! By not skimming over these details, it makes them tangible, makes us aware, & gives God power & authority over them!

When I worked retail my old District Manager used to say, “retail is in the detail!” It’s one thing for a store to look good, but for a store to look GREAT it requires looking at the little things & making them better.

Well friend’s, the POWER is in the detail!!!  Stop brushing your life under a rug! The little things you’re goin through, the BIG things you’re goin through… they matter! The little God winks* you get-they really ARE confirmation that God hears you ❤️!
*Not sure what a God wink is? Reach out to me & I’ll tell ya 😉

Instead of me praying for God to give me direction with Shawn & I startin’ a family, I’ve been praying for a BURNING passion in one area! See the difference?

Speaking of difference…last week was Week 3 of Hammer & Chisel & here’s my recap:
🔹I had a plan! Here we’re my dinners:


Here’s the recipe of the Kielbasa, the stir-fry, and the almond meal pancakes! If you’d like to see the full meal plan, you can do that here!  

🔹I had my accountability system in place: group & workout partner. I wanted to skip & I did skip 2 days. DOH! But because of both of these things, I made up one day & had to tell em I skipped for the other lol. Who’s holding YOU accountable?
🔹My body needs more movement. I biked once & walked twice but with my body used to moving NON-STOP & then going to minimal moving, I need to step up my game!

The video of this workout was by far the toughest workout I did for the week! Check it out!

Keto talk: Will post something about this soon!

Thanks for doin life with me 🙂 I hope y’all have an awesome weekend!

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