You Can

Did you know that YOU CAN:

  • Get yourself out of a rut!
  • Build yourself up with your words!
  • Rely on God’s word for motivation!
  • Put yourself in the place of highest potential!
  • Do hard things!
  • Have a bad day but still be making progress toward your goal!

I’ve learned over the past couple months that progress doesn’t mean perfection. That I was made for more than a negative self-talk cycle and that I can do hard things! And so can you. 🙂 That just because you have a bad day, doesn’t mean you need to throw in the towel…embrace that day and rest if you need to. But the following day…SHOW UP and show up in a big way! You’re too important not to!

When I realized I was letting myself get in my own way, I wrote out positive affirmations on sticky notes to combat how I was talking to myself. I taped em all together & lined my mirror with them. Reading them is now a part of my daily routine. I HIGHLY recommend doing this!!!

Since my last post, I finished Hammer & Chisel and then rolled right into Core de Force (the new MMA inspired workout). Here’s my Hammer & Chisel transformation! You’ll wanna see the change in my legs!!!

I’m currently in my second round of Core de Force and I LOVE the workouts! Who knew punching & kicking the air could be so empowering? It is though!!! Here’s a video preview of what you can expect with the workouts:

Some of my favorite recipes that I’ve made have been the Crock Pot Reuben Soup, Buffalo Wings, Cabbage Roll-Ups, & Keto Buckeyes!!! As I update the recipes on here, you’ll see links attached to them. For now, check out those wings & make em this week! You won’t be disappointed!


Until next time, embrace the gift of life that you have today!


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