Vacation Mindset

Y’all, I just got back from an earned trip through Beachbody to PUNTA CANA!!! Say whaaaaa?!?!?! It was pretty amazing to bring Shawn with me especially since it’s a job in and of itself to get him to step away from his work. BUT, we went and we had an amazing time with some incredible people!!! I feel totally blessed that I’m able to choose the people I work with…guess that’s one of the perks to network marketing!!! #winning

I found myself stuck in the vacation mindset though when I got back. Not motivated, relaxed, getting over a sinus infection (I get sick ANYTIME I get away from my routine or my sleep schedule gets wonky)…you know the mindset, right?

Well, I wanted to share what’s been workin for me to get outta of that and into my MOJO!

  • Meal plan! I came up with a meal plan for the rest of the week so I can eat clean (especially since I wasn’t the cook for 6 days lol).
  • Exercise! 30 minutes a day…I didn’t jump right back into a program but I did walk the dogs and get outside! I also have a new game plan for upcoming group on the 22nd! If you wanna get some more info on that…fill this out!
  • Water! I’ve been making sure I’m getting in at least 90 oz of water each day! You know when you’re on vaca hydrating isn’t a top priority & I could TOTALLY feel it!
  • Sleep! I’m letting myself sleep for 8 hours a night. The past couple nights, Shawn and I have been in bed by 8:30pm, it’s gotta be some kind of record lol but we needed it!
  • POSITIVITY!!! I have been flooding my mind with scripture, personal development, and inspiring YouTube videos because getting my mind back in the right place is KEY!

Simple enough, right?! Any tips you do to get your mind back in the game that I didn’t list? Comment and lemme hear em!

While we were away, we ate one of the resort’s delicious brownies erryday…dontjudge! I don’t let myself splurge like this often but THESE were worth every bite! So, I wanted something sweet because our bodies crave what we eat, right?! So I made this egg & gluten free cookie dough that hits the spot errytime! You should TOTALLY give it a shot 🙂

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