The Flabby Moose

So there I was, out on an awesome run in this incredible Florida fall weather when I passed someone and heard, “something something something (I couldn’t understand it) ya flabby moose.”

I stopped. Paused. Turned around. Turned back around. Processed. Turned around again with my jaw open. Turned back around. Processed.

Now, you’re probably going through the vast array of emotions that I went through when I heard it. “Ya flabby moose?!?!” My first reaction was to lose my ever-loving-mind on ’em! I mean, the nerve! But the words that came to me were, “Have you ever set out to reach a goal or worked on yourself only to have someone tear you apart with their words??? Who do YOUUUUU think you are?”

I don’t know them. So they don’t know about the 14 lb weight gain last year. The premature ovarian failure, the infertility, the thyroid issues I’m trying to sort through, the autoimmune stuff, the Reese cups today…they don’t know any of that!!! Who are THEY to talk to ME like that?! I deserve more than that!

But then I felt this gentle nudge almost whispering to me that it’s not about me. What’s going on within THEM??? So then I asked, “How can I pray for you today?” THAT thought can ONLY come from God because those emotions that the “flabby moose” brought up were not!!!!

That’s the truth of it all though, it’s not about us. It’s about loving God, and loving others well. Doing life together even when there’s such hurtful things stirring in someone’s heart for them to say something so awful to someone else. Loving them through that.


We’re all hurting y’all and words have meaning!

THEN, a harsh reality hit me… the person I passed wasn’t saying a single word to me. I was speaking to myself. I caught myself saying, “ya flabby moose” to MYSELF?! I wasn’t saying it out loud lol (I’m not THAT crazy!) but I wasn’t even aware I was thinking it until that moment!



Does it put your heart to rest knowing it was just me speaking such hate to myself or does stir your heart to look within to the words that you speak to yourself???

Because words have meaning and we spend WAY too much time speaking to ourselves in such a way that we’d NEVER speak to another person. It’s about loving God and loving others well. We’re called to, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” If we can’t love ourselves how can we love another person the way God has called us to? And even one step past that, how can we even love ourselves or another person if we don’t love the Lord with all our heart?!


I didn’t realize I was body shaming myself until I was thinking of asking the person of how I can pray for them and it made me realize that I spend a lot of time praying for other people and not a lot of time praying for my own heart. I need to do more of that 😉

Who knew running could be so powerful??? Only every other runner-lover out there! But for reals y’all, take the time to wrestle with the things going on within your own heart. God wants a relationship with you and part of sorting through stuff for me is going to Him with it. He’s the master listener, healer, and comforter! If you need a listening ear, I encourage ya to go to HIM first and feel free to reach out to me second. I’d be honored to pray for you through it!
<and just to clear the air, I didn’t have an audible conversation with anyone during this run hahaha but man did I give myself an earful!>

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