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Hi!!! I’m Jenn, nice to meet you! Here’s a quick run down of me: I’m a Jesus girl that loves to workout and loves food. Done. Just messin’.

I have a LOT of passions and I kept tryin’ to find a way to make my passion my employment and just became the jack of all trades (not really but you get what I’m saying. If not, catch up!). So when people asked me what I’m passionate about I would say, “in what area?” This what I’m passionate about: God, my husband, giving back, family, kids needing love and attention,food, cooking and baking, healthy/clean eating, working out, massage, people, some more people , broken people, happy people and the list goes on and on. I’m focusing in on the top three which are the most exciting F-words! Faith, food and fitness! That’s why I made this blog. I’m not the first and I sure as heck won’t be the last!

As far as the food you’ll see on this page, you’ll see a combination of paleo, primal, gluten-free and the occasional old fashioned home cookin’ stuff. Shawn (my husband) and I have made the decision to eat clean, eat for fuel and we made the switch to eating organic as well. In November 2013, I had a feeling that something wasn’t right with my fertility so I went to the Obgyn and I was diagnosed with POF, Premature Ovarian Failure. This means that my ovaries have failed and I don’t have any eggs left-or have an extremely limited amount. It explains why I’ve had ammenorhea for so long (since high school) and why I was experiencing hot flashes (since high school as well) and night sweats at the ripe ol’ age of 32. They referred me to an REI Specialists which is basically a fertility Dr. They checked my chromosomes and checked for ulcers on my ovaries and everything came back clear. That’s awesome!!! BUT still no answers as to why I have POF.
This is when I started researching the foods we eat and how important it is for us to fuel our bodies with the best ingredients possible. A lot of the produce these days, as well as processed foods are filled with GMO’s. These are Genetically Modified Organisms that have been adapted to withstand herbicide and/or induce an insecticide, to withstand droughts or to even increase the yield. There are Studies that link GMO’s to cancers and infertility but the exact and long term side effects of GMO’s on our bodies or the environment are unknown. Not to mention the pesticides that the produce absorb.

That’s why Shawn and I have switched to a mostly organic diet. We limit the amount of processed foods and we pay attention to what we eat. This is what we can control. Praise God we weren’t trying to have kids or anything like that when we found out because I feel like the news of the infertility would have been that much more devastating! God has a plan, we’re just happy and excited to be a part of it and see what’s gonna happen!

I think it’s worth saying that I’m not a dietician or nutritionist I’m just sharing what I’ve learned and am inviting y’all along on the journey. Being healthy and living life to the fullest is so important! We’re all broken in one way or another whether it’s physical, mental or spiritual and I think there’s a lot of beauty in that….especially when we invite others along with us! There’s always room for growth!

Thanks for stopping by…let’s be real, let’s have fun and live life together!



4 Responses to About Me

  1. Christina says:

    Thank you for sharing Jenn! You already inspire so many people, myself included! I love being a part of journey!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mrs. C. says:

    I love your blog! Very fun, encouraging and creative. I’ll be back!

    Liked by 1 person

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