“Pizza” Zoodles

It’s that time of the year to let ourselves go! To embrace all the sugar, the cookies, the pies. To quit working out and justify the lack of confidence and 10 lbs of weight we gained by saying we’ll hit it hard when the new year comes around….I’m jokin y’all!

It doesn’t have to be like this! So, I’m not making December a month to regret! I’m eating clean and  using it as a way to reach some goals and getting creative along the way! (if you wanna be a part of this message me and we’ll chat!) Yes, I’m busy (we ALL are)! Yes, I wanna skip my workouts sometimes and YES I wanna eat sugar! BUT, life is about balance and I can still enjoy life and embrace the traditions of the season.

Can we just take a moment and give God a little shout out?! He’s so cool! Really hard to grasp just HOW MUCH he loves us and the grace he showers on us. Very grateful for the peace he gives me when there are so many unknowns about life.

Anyway 🙂 I wanted pizza yesterday. LIKE BAD! I wanted the cheese to be thick and stretchy and I wanted a lot of pepperoni and I wanted the frickin bread! The funny thing about food intolerances/allergies is the longer you go without it in your system, when you add it back in, it wreaks havoc on yo system. I wasn’t about to have any of that action that comes with a pizza. So I improvised and was able to pretty much stay on track with my nutrition!

Here’s what I did and it served Shawn and I…we had some leftover too-which means I know what I’m having today for lunch!

-2 large zucchini, zoodled out with this guy Titan Julienne Peeler

-1 lb of ground turkey (mixed in the following seasoning very well for homemade italian turkey sausage: 1 tbsp fennel seeds, 1 tbsp granulated garlic, 1 tbsp dried oregano, 1 tsp salt, 1/2 tsp red pepper flakes….adapted from Primal Cravings Cookbook )

-Red onion diced (I used about 1/4 of a red onion)

-Applegate Uncured Pepperoni chopped

-Marinara sauce (I used Organic Newman’s)

-Cheese (I used parmesan on mine, Shawn had some shredded mozzarella on his)

Brown the seasoned brown turkey and while it’s cooking, take the julienne peeler to your zucchini. Cook the zoodles in a large pot until they’re the desired tenderness. I wanted mine a bit crunchy so I just heated them through. Then drain them or you’ll have a puddle of water on your plate! That’s it!

I put the zoodles down on my plate, topped it with the turkey sausage, marinara, pepperoni, onion, and cheese. BOOM! ALL the delicious flavors of a pizza with none of the guilt, bloat, or indigestion! Enjoy!