Taco Salad

Here’s one of the meals from the meal plan you can find here. It’s SUPER easy and makes for a fuss free dinner if ya ask me. I almost feel silly for even sharing this recipe because it’s THAT simple ūüėČ When I made this, I was hurrying to throw it all together fast because we were having girls night. Girls night just makes errything better! I had mine to-go…I just wrapped it with saran wrap & ate it when I got there. This would be a great idea for lunch too!


Taco Salad

~Brown 1 lb lean ground beef with taco seasoning in a pan.

~1 c spinach

~1 c other veggies (radishes, red peppers, green onion, tomatoes)


~Squeeze of lime

~Black beans (optional, ONLY do this if following the container system & make sure you add a yellow container for it!)

~1 tbsp of coconut oil (ONLY do this if following keto)

Container count: 1 red, 2 green, 1 blue (1 yellow if using black beans)

Macro count when I put it in my fitness pal…. 430 calories | 35¬†g fat | 7.5¬†g carbs | 23¬†g protein