Meal Plans

I am a list girl! Every morning I have a list that I go by (or try to, squirrel!) and when I complete things off it, I cross it off and I find GREAT satisfaction in that! Somewhere along the way I have taught myself that the more pressure I’m under, the better I perform…yes, I struggle with people pleasing too lol but we’re not talking about that right now! All of this to say, that I COULD run this house on a whim and I could make dinners up as I go throughout the week. BUT, they probably wouldn’t be cost efficient and they wouldn’t be as healthy. Convenience isn’t always healthy. It may be delish, but it’s not always healthy.

That’s when I started meal planning. I usually meal plan on the weekends and go grocery shopping then too. I find that it allows me to plan ahead for our schedules (some nights we need a crock pot meal or something really fast) and stick to our healthy ways. I’m a work in progress…I wanna save us more money in this area and I wish I didn’t hit mental road blocks when I was planning lol but I do. As I find things that work for me, I’ll let ya know!

In the meantime, I’m gonna share what I come up with and feel free to use whatever you’d like! If you have a system that works for you, let me know! Sharing is caring 🙂


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