Shakeology “Oats”

IMG_7865.JPGDiets suck. Lifestyles rock. That’s just the way it is! We don’t like having to restrict ourselves or practice self-control. But in order to make a way of eating a part of your lifestyle, you HAVE to make changes. One way I do this in my life is by getting creative with what I usually eat, switching up the seasonings I use, and having fun with it! I also focus on ALL the foods I CAN eat!
Mindset is everything and if you focus on all the things you can’t have or eat or only on negative things…you’ll not only go crazy but you’ll be miserable. This is where Shakeology “oats” come into play 😉 Since switching to Keto, I miss having oats for breakfast. Instead of dwelling on that, I got creative!

I pre-measured all the dry ingredients into 5 little containers to save time in the mornings. I dumped one in the bowl, added my milk, and devoured with my coffee! Here’s what I had for breakfast every single day last week:


~½ serving of Chocolate Vegan Shakeology

~1 tbsp hemp seeds

~1 tsp chia seeds

~2 tbsp unsweetened flaked coconut

~¼ c coconut milk (or milk of choice-can add more or less depending on what consistency of “oats” you like)
Combine & enjoy!!!

It has the consistency of oats, the crunch from the coconut flakes, and almost tastes like brownie batter. If you’re good with having dessert for breakfast, I highly recommend!

The picture on the left was with unsweetened regular almond milk & not much of it so it would be more like a gooey brownie. The one on the right was with coconut milk & I used a little more of it to make it creamy.

Calories: 390 | Fat 31.6 g | Protein 14.1 g | Carbs 12 g Net

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