Western Omelet Grabs

I had all of my meals planned out for this week and my meal prep plan!!!! Winning!!!! Then life happened and got in the way of that…DOH! But, It’s okay! If it ever happens to you, you’ll have this as a go-to as well.

I had 20 minutes to make Shawn and I dinner and these saved the day! You probably have everything on hand already. I adapted this recipe from the “Primal Cravings” cookbook.

What you need:

-6 slices of ham (or turkey)- don’t buy the stuff with junk in it!

-6 eggs

-1/4 red pepper diced

-1/4 green pepper diced

-dash of hot sauce

-salt & pepper to taste

Preheat oven to 350. Line 6 cups of a muffin tin with the ham slices. Fill the rest of the tins with the veggies. I added in baby kale and green onions this time! Whisk the eggs with the hot sauce, salt and pepper. Pour the eggs into the cups and then bake for at least 15 minutes or until the eggs are set.

So easy!



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